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Depicts three French women pulling a plow that had been constructed for horses and men.

Canadian traditions

Seniors rank the national flag and anthem as most important Results from the GSS demonstrate that, in some ways, older Canadians differ from their younger counterparts in the perceived importance of national symbols. These feelings of pride were even greater among those who immigrated since Table 8. In the s, the Dominion of Canada achieved greater independence from Britain, notably in the Statute of Westminster in Although there were deliberate attempts made by the British to assimilate the French speaking population to English language and culture, most notably the Act of Union that followed the seminal report of Lord Durham , British colonial policy for Canada on the whole was one which acknowledged and permitted the continued existence of French language and culture. Despite the difference, the Charter and flag were considered the leading national symbols by both immigrants and non-immigrants. However, the extent to which people believed that these values and those related to linguistic duality and multiculturalism were shared differed regionally. Table 8 Pride in Canadian achievements among immigrants, by citizenship status, Citizenship had no impact on other elements of pride for recent immigrants, with the exception of the health care system. Having said this, Canadian studies was important in getting Canadian subjects and issues accepted into disciplines across the university.

Nearly nine in ten were proud to call themselves Canadian, though pride in specific Canadian achievements was lower. At the same time, I think we often defer too much to it when we simply assume that an arbitrary geographic space inevitably marks the culture produced within it.

We've included them in the book in part to get scholars today to take a second look at the work of these figures. The Americans however captured control of Lake Erie, cutting off what is today western Ontario; they killed Tecumseh and dealt the Indian allies a decisive defeat from which they never recovered.

As the country's population is clustered near the U. We should not even be able to agree upon the kind of Canadian to choose as a model, let alone persuade most people to emulate it.


At the patriation of the Canadian Constitution in , the Quebec premier did not sign it; this led to two unsuccessful attempts to modify the constitution so it would be signed, and another referendum on Quebec independence in which was turned down by a small majority of Statistics Canada. The British were assisted again by local militia, this time not only the Canadiens, but also the descendants of the Loyalists who had arrived barely a generation earlier. Some commentators, such as Cohen, criticize the overall lack of attention paid by Canadians to their own history, noting a disturbing trend to ignore the broad history in favour of narrow focus on specific regions or groups. In metropolitan areas such as Toronto and Vancouver , there is often a strong sense that multiculturalism is a normal and respectable expression of being Canadian. The end of the war laid the foundation for Confederation and the emergence of Canada as a free and independent nation. Canadian studies might not have had the same motivations as the government, though such programs received funding from government sources to carry out their projects. Post-war immigrants of all backgrounds tended to settle in the major urban centres, particularly Toronto , Montreal and Vancouver. Other regional differences in the importance of the national symbols also existed, though the differences outside Quebec were more modest. But by focusing on a determination of national characteristics, attempting to locate and shape Canadian canons, and so on, it tended to mirror the politics of the nationalist project at work at other levels of Canadian society. The search for the Canadian identity often shows some whimsical results.

A series of political upheavals ensued, especially the Conscription Crisis of It isn't just the schools, the museums and the government that fail us. Canadian Heritage. Why do you think it still happens when dealing with Canadian ones?

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This was seen across almost all national symbols, with the exception of hockey. Statistics Canada, Catalogue no. In metropolitan areas such as Toronto and Vancouver , there is often a strong sense that multiculturalism is a normal and respectable expression of being Canadian. Canadians with higher levels of household income were more likely to view hockey as a very important national symbol. Oxford University Press. Simultaneously, the role of immigrants as loyal Canadians was contested, with large numbers of men of German or Ukrainian heritage temporarily stripped of voting rights or incarcerated in camps. It isn't really the abstract thing called "the nation" that produces such characteristics or distinctions, but the networks in which individuals move, the institutions they take part in, and so on. This was true for all symbols. Proclamation of Canadian Confederation The union of the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick into a federation in drew on all of the primary aspects of the Canadian identity: loyalty to Britain there would be self-governance under a federal parliament, but no rupture from British institutions , limited but significant home rule for a French-speaking majority in the new Province of Quebec and a longed for solution to English-French tensions , and a collaboration of British North Americans in order to resist the pull and the possible military threat from the United States.

However, differences were evident along linguistic lines. Statistics Canada, Catalogue no. Taking this into account, can we really talk about "Canadian studies" as a whole or will there always be a line between the Canadian as Anglo and the Quebecois?

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