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The presentations will be given by selected speakers of international market leaders in the field of ultrafast lasers.

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Emerging fields[ edit ] Photonics also relates to the emerging science of quantum information and quantum optics. The term optoelectronics connotes devices or circuits that comprise both electrical and optical functions, i. Chapter 8: Advanced Photonic Measurements and Applications Chapter 8 discusses sensing, imaging, and metrology in relation to optics and photonics. Economically important applications for semiconductor photonic devices include optical data recording, fiber optic telecommunications, laser printing based on xerography , displays, and optical pumping of high-power lasers. Speakers from academic research and industry and will break down medical requirements into defined demands and present technological solutions along the whole value chain. Dietmar Kracht, Executive Director, Laser Zentrum Hannover Abstract: The digital transformation arrived in many areas of our life and soon, the advent of 5G communication and artificial intelligence AI opens huge opportunities such as autonomous driving, self-learning systems and automation. Supported by strong fundamental research, sweeping breakthroughs are expected within the next few years, incentivizing companies to invest already today. Government funding agencies, the Department of Defense, and possibly a consortium of companies requiring these technologies should work together to implement this recommendation. These inventions formed the basis for the telecommunications revolution of the late 20th century and provided the infrastructure for the Internet. On the laser component level new spectral and temporal capabilities pave the way towards new applications. It is essential that an initiative such as the proposed national photonics initiative be supported by coordinated measurement of the inputs and outputs in the sector such that national policy in the area can be informed by the technical and economic realities on the ground in the nation. The United States needs to exploit the current expertise in solid-state lighting to bring this technology to maturity and to market. Considerable progress has been made to realize reliable and highly efficient femtosecond and picosecond sources based on diode pumped solid state and fiber technology. Optical connections within and between data centers will be increasingly important in allowing data centers to scale in capacity.

For cell analytical procedures in cytometry and microscopy, light engine solutions specific to the application are enabling a new generation of instrumentation tools. Photonics has been a key enabler allowing this communication revolution to occur.

Not only will the attainable levels of sensitivity and absolute precision be significantly increased, but also novel concepts such as quantum computers will become possible.

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Comprehensive knowledge across an area will be a great defense advantage, along with the ability to communicate information at high bandwidths and from mobile platforms.

Classical optics long preceded the discovery that light is quantized, when Albert Einstein famously explained the photoelectric effect in Prearranged photonic structures in this context include generation of light with specified quantum states in a given spatiotemporal region, such as squeezed states with greater than dB measured squeezing in one field quadrature, Fock states of more than 10 photons, and states of one and only one photon or two and only two entangled photons with greater than 99 percent probability.

Extreme nonlinear optics has made significant progress, providing the potential for soft x-ray sources and imaging.

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Other developments followed: the laser diode in the s, optical fibers for transmitting information, and the erbium-doped fiber amplifier.

However, there exists a technology wall inhibiting achievement of the next factor-of growth.

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