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Fortunately, when it comes to backing up your writing, Ulysses makes it incredibly easy and can even back up your work automatically. There are a few samples, however, so you see what you are getting before you buy any.

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The changes to the Mac version are wonderfully subtle, making it both easier to use and a touch more powerful too. All my writing in one place This seemed odd at first, especially coming from Scrivener with its individual projects. Congratulations all round to the visionaries at The Soulmen. Updated March 01, 52 52 people found this article helpful The great thing about the iPad on-screen keyboard is that it's so much easier to type on than the iPhone keyboard. And best of all, TextBundle is an open standard, making it easy for other developers to implement support for it in their own apps. When you need a smart quote just click that instead of a conventional keyboard character and it will generate the right one. On the Mac, Ulysses stores hourly backups of the last 12 hours of work, daily backups of the last seven days of work, and weekly backups for the last six months of work. Full Screen Mode makes it easy to block distractions and stay focused on your writing.

You don't have to rely just on these tips. Ulysses also has a very clever way of solving the image export problem inherent with Markdown files created in sandboxed Mac App Store applications. Of course, as a Markdown app the text can be copied exactly into Editorial or any other Markdown app.

Did you know the iPad supports voice dictation? The short of it is that the iPad app is a true version of Ulysses that can handle the same projects you run on your Mac without any conversion or manual syncing.

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The camera button will let you access your camera roll to paste a picture, and the paper clip will bring up iCloud Drive allowing you to attach a file to the document.

You can also search within a sheet and add notes, keywords and images though not goals. A quick tap of a prediction button can save a lot of hunting and pecking. It is now — and a fantastic one. Typical uses are for task lists, brainstorming, concept planning, and free-form idea generation.

Filters are kind of like Smart Folders in Apple Mail and allow you to create living folders that have content in them based on specific criteria.

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