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So you have come into a school where your faith will be strengthened, where character will be demanded from you; an excellent performance will also be demanded from you.

We therefore need the help of good spirited individuals, philanthropist, and politicians to come to our aid.

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Just know that as soon as the sun crosses the quad and comes in through your window, St. Temptation calls us to yield, while God wants us to stand firm.

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I hope that you will acquire this strength during your time here. I further implore you to show respect to your colleagues and mstaff in the University to make your stay fruitful and productive. It is significant because it is a statutory gathering to formally admit deserving and qualified candidates who are fortunate to be offered admission into this institution. The Chairman Sir, my esteemed matrciulants, distinguished guest, my highly revered staff and students, Ladies and gentlemen. We are going to try as much as it is in our power as God enables us to demand from you that which is noble; that which is upright and that which is right. We must continue to be prudent with, and make judicious use of our meagre resources by blocking every possible leakage. While congratulating you for being found suitable for admission at this time, you should count yourselves among the luckiest ones who chose University of Jos as their first choice. Lawrence, because I know one thing: St.

It may interest you to know that you are the very first set of students that I am admitting into the membership of this unique community i. You are therefore advised to report any strange or clandestine movements and activities to the appropriate quarters.

And remember just like your first day on campus, your first day after graduation there will be an amazing alumni network waiting for you.

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Obviously, we hope you will enjoy reading it, but please use it as an opportunity to get together with fellow students to discuss it.

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Benson Idahosa University Matriculation Speech