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I know it is due to my resume! I am very disappointed and asked her to send me the draft resume as a editable document and I would cut my losses, and consider it a lesson learned.

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I got a lot of interviews, calls, and comments about the great resume that she produced. Historically when the systems were first created applicants thought they could trick the software by highlighting the entire job description in white font and pasting it on their resume.

That is why including a professional highlight paragraph is so important. Employers no longer go through resumes one by one to select candidates. Remember you have a small window of time to sell yourself as the person for the job. It is important that you know what to look for when considering hiring a resume writer.

If an employer wants your references, they will ask for them and there is no need wasting space writing references available upon request or listing your references contact information.

She offered to change the template and would change the wording to what I wanted.

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