The acceleration of the progress of the chinese industrial technology

New residential areas should include facilities for community elderly care services, and we will step up the development of such facilities in rural areas.

china technology 2018

Construction of the Heihe-Blagoveshchensk road bridge is progressing smoothly. We will reform and improve the mechanism for ensuring basic fiscal capacity at the county level, ease the pressure of budgetary constraints faced by some localities, and make certain that people's basic living needs are met.

We will speed up planning and construction of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway, and boost infrastructure investment for intercity transportation, logistics, utilities, disaster prevention and mitigation, and civil and general aviation. In deeply impoverished areas, we still face many difficulties in the fight against poverty.

The new round of rural power grid upgrading will be completed. To significantly improve living and working conditions, we will design sound development plans and put them into effect.

China technology facts

Growth in high-tech industries and equipment manufacturing outstripped that of other industries. There is still public dissatisfaction in many areas, such as education, healthcare, elderly care, housing, food and drug safety, and income distribution. Marked achievements were made in ecological conservation. We will significantly reduce enterprise contributions to social insurance schemes. New growth drivers are now profoundly changing our mode of production and way of life, creating new strengths for China's development. We will ensure tax and fee cuts are fully implemented. Further headway was made in carrying out the Peaceful China initiative.

We raised the level of government subsidies for rural and non-working urban residents' basic medical insurance and the reimbursement rate of their serious illness insurance.

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Science and technology in China