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See a selected list of Nanci Bell's books. This difficulty is caused by weak symbol imagery — the ability to auditorily perceive and mentally image the sounds and letters within words.

In Visualizing and Verbalizingreaders are first taught to describe real pictures presented in front of them. Some respond to several strategies, others respond to a few, while others may not respond to any of the strategies you try.

Once they have mastered the ability to describe real pictures, readers practice describing objects they have seen in their own life, that are not directly in front of them e.

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A weakness in concept imagery can manifest as difficulty not only with reading comprehension but also with following directions, grasping humor, critical thinking, interpreting social situations and memory. Remember to always stay calm when working with a child or student, even if you think they should be getting something that they are not getting.

Doing so will help activate imagery for students. She also has extensive experience in the clinical treatment of language and literacy disorders. One simple way to reach a whole class of students is through a simple tweak of language. Research suggests that both sides of the brain need to be stimulated and engaged in order to make sense of reading, and that is exactly what this process does.

Keep in mind that every child is different. How can we help students who have difficulty learning sight words? Both versions have excellent ratings by readers. Related Topics.

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How to Use the Visualizing and Verbalizing Strategy to Improve Reading Comprehension