Write a sentence without a predicate

The book fell off the table. Suzy is pretty.

sentence without helping verb

Since this new definition of nominal sentences corresponded more accurately to the notion of non-verbal sentences, compared to the Arab definition of it 'may or may not contain a verb', the Orientalists' definition included predicate types other than verbs nouns, adjectives, etc.

My mom is cooking.

sentence without subject

It is used to tell you what the subject of the sentence does. The examples above are of predicates in independent clauses. Many times, we write two separate sentences, but because we need the subject in each, they sound repetitive.

Some more examples of simple predicates are as follows. It is part of the predicate.

Sentence fragment

Examples of Complete Predicates A complete predicate is the verb that shows the action and also the modifying phrase that completes the thought, basically everything in the sentence that isn't the subject. Winnie will sing. History[ edit ] Historically, nominal sentences have posited much controversy regarding their identity as an existent linguistic phenomenon. The girls were also dancing. Another example: "I am tired. This one word will always be a verb. The cat chased the mouse and trapped it in the kitchen. It includes the verb and anything modifying it. Identify the time of the predicate To write a simple predicate, you must first determine what action you want the subject to be doing. My mom hates all the mess involved. Predicates can be one verb or verb phrase simple predicate , two or more verbs joined with a conjunction compound predicate or even all the words in the sentence that give more information about the subject complete predicate. If you are to find the simple predicate, it's just the verb or verb plus a helper. When I get home, I fix dinner and relax in front of the TV. If you have a standalone group of words with a missing subject or predicate, that would be a sentence fragment.

Examples of Simple Predicates A simple predicate is the word that shows the action in a sentence. In the above example, two predicates exist.

sentences without action verbs

The two verbs are was running and jumping, so the predicate would be was running around and jumping over all the obstacles.

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Predicate: Examples and Definition